Internationally acclaimed award-winning composers Cori Ashley & Ed Franks bring you the best of their original songs and instrumental music to optimize and empower every aspect of your life.


Forest Dreams

About the Album

Forest Dreams – A beautiful blend of melodies and mystic rhythms take you on a journey through the majestic nature, peace, and calm of the forest.

Sea Dreams

About the Album

Sea Dreams – As the flow of the ocean carries your stresses away, this music brings you the calm and joy of the ocean’s healing energies.

Garden of Dreams

About the Album

Garden of Dreams – As we sit in the gardens of the world smelling fragrant flowers and sipping tea, we splendor in the calm of these classically inspired pieces – that truly take us away from it all.

Sweet Dreams

About the Album

Sweet Dreams – Lullabies energetically created to connect with our heart beats and natural rhythms, these gentle pieces are sure to ease us all big and small.

Prelude To The Calm

About the Album

Prelude To The Calm – Prelude to the Calm is an extraordinary journey of stress relief in just 5 minutes at a time. Narrated by Canada’s radio diva Erin Davis, this two part series takes you inside 10 people’s journey of stress relief – and then provides you with the steps for your own journey to a more relaxed and effective life.


With An Angel’s Touch

About the Song

With An Angel’s TouchDo you have an angel or are you an angel to someone else? This song speaks to the hearts of all our angels in this world that make a difference to our lives.

Love Finds A Way To You

About the Song

Love Finds A Way To You – This beautiful duet sung by Neil Donell – lead singer of Chicago (the band) and Cori Ashley – co-writer of the song – is the ultimate reminder that “somehow there’s always a way to get us through” – when we need it most.

Love Is The Light

About the Song

Love Is The LightLove is the light that helps us find our way through even our darkest moments. Share the love, share the light, share this song.